Havana Biennial


Ceramica: ISA

ISA, the National Art Institute, is on the grounds of a country club, which Fidel– an art lover– converted to an amazing art school. It is extrememly competitive to enter. Just 14 students from 1000 applicants for each department: ceramics, drawing, painting, dance, music. The program is 6 years and free. Two years of what would be our high school and 4 of art school. After graduation art students are supported, by the government, for 2 years, with a job in the field of art like a teaching teaching assistant or museum guide. There are 2 faculty members in the "plastica" department Rolando Molina and Carlos Rodrigues, whose doll-faced scultpures are popular. Currently there are 5 students majoring in ceramics.

Professor de Ceramica Rolando Pagés Molina

Work of Professor de Ceramica Carlos Alberto Rodriguez